Digital Glamour

The landscape of professional photography has transformed significantly and some model agencies have strange and wonderful ways of standing out from the crowd. A professional digital photographer over the last 4 decades would have seen so much change. The digital age is the main culprit for this and it's not easier than ever to pick up a good quality camera and start snapping. In fact the whole beauty and fashion industry has been completely transformed because of this. There is now so much salon equipment available it can be hard to find what you're looking for. When you have had the full treatment and you've got the look that's the time you want to have your photo taken!

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Professional photography can be a minefield especially around the wedding industry and professional photography enthusiasts are now providing a full service for that client including hard copy proofs, wedding album design, portraits and a lot more. Pros are now resorting to p[providing something extra like custom photo albums and DVDs. Most couples agree, this kind of service isn't something they want to scrimp on for their big day.

There is a similar situation within the portrait photos side of things also. Again the customer thinks they will get exactly the same service and quality as a professional due to the equipment being used. Every industry today has a few of these same problems and so i hope individuals will take a little time to think about why it's worth getting the professional in and make sure things are done correctly.

Returning to Bridal Couples, they really should employ a true professional to capture the wedding Photos. There is but one chance to get the best pictures of the Big Day. If you get a family member to fill in thing how bad they would feel if they missed that all important moment if they were at the bar instead of poised with a camera, It takes a lot of training to know when and where to be when trying to get good photographs, you would also need to know exactly how and where the lighting is best for certain shots and let's be honest you need to make everyone look their best!